Rotary Shaft seals are used to seal rotating shafts, especially in mechanical engineering and in equipment construction, as well as in the motor vehicle industry.

The medium to be sealed can be fluid (grease), liquid or gaseous. Usually the medium to be sealed is lubricating oil and lubricating grease.

In addition to the main requirements for good sealing, further demands are placed upon rotary shaft seals:

  • operational reliability
  • long working life
  • simple fitting
  • compatibility towards the media to be sealed
  • low friction

The importance given to the following factors in each individual case, and the operating conditions, are critical when selecting a seal:

  • the medium to be sealed
  • the surface speed
  • the temperature
  • the pressure
  • exposure to external dirt

In cases where higher stresses or special demands occur, the seal should be chosen in collaboration with us because tests to determine the operational reliability are often essential.