O-Rings are endless round sealing rings of circular cross section. They are mainly used to seal stationary machine components - static case - against fluid and gaseous media. In certain conditions, they can also be used as a dynamic sealing component for axial, rotating and oscillating movement.

The seal created are due to the O-ring itself and the contact surfaces. The seal effect is attained due to change of shape, both axially and radially of the O-Ring's cross section.

The O-ring relies on a compressive force acting on the O-ring to prevent the transfer of the medium between regions. In order to cover the widest possible range of technical applications, O-Rings are supplied in various different material qualities:


  • A high resistance to a wide variety of applied media,
  • Superior temperature resistance,
  • High resistance to pressure,
  • Resilience in dynamic application's,
  • Easy and economical fitting and maintenance procedures.

In cases where higher stresses or special demands occur, the seal should be chosen in collaboration with us because tests to determine the operational reliability are often essential.